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How t create killer instagram BIO

Writing your Instagram bio is hard! You want people to quickly understand what your business or profile is all about, but you also want to show off your personality and showcase your products, too.

When was the last time you refreshed your Instagram bio? 

Since your Instagram profile is the new landing page, having a decent Instagram bio is a higher priority than any time in recent memory to assist you with drawing in new followers. 

Much the same as you will likely change over visitors into clients with your site landing page, the objective of your Instagram profile ought to be to change over visitors into followers. 

Ready to learn what it takes to create a killer Instagram bio in 2020? Check out the tips below!


1. Use Your Instagram Bio to Attract Your Ideal Audience

On the off chance that you need to get new Instagram followers, they have to rapidly comprehend what you’re about. 

A decent Instagram bio clarifies what your business is and what you do. If you need to stand apart for a specific expertise, calling, side interest, or intrigue, you ought to remember these subtleties for your Instagram bio. 

A genuine case of this is The Wing’s Instagram bio. The Wing keeps its Instagram bio copy direct and to the point, so regardless of whether you’re a first time visitor, you’d know in minutes that their account is for a co-working space for ladies.

Be that as it may, The Wing isn’t attempting to draw in any individual who’s female — just the individuals who relate to their “we’re a coven, not a sorority” philosophy. 

This is significant, on the grounds that with only a couple of lines of copy, The Wing can niche down to a fixed  female audience, one that identifies with its solid brand culture and basic beliefs.

2. Add Clickable Links Within Your Instagram Bio to Mention Related Accounts + Share Your Brand’s Hashtag

Prior to March 2018, your Instagram profile could only contain one clickable hyperlink — the URL at the bottom of your Instagram bio. 

However, after a recent update, any profile usernames or hashtags that you add into your Instagram bio will now become clickable links as well! When you add a “#” or “@” in your bio, it automatically becomes a clickable link that will direct profile visitors to either a hashtag or another account. 

That implies you can utilize your own Instagram bio to advance your Instagram business profile, or offer where you work by referencing your organization’s Instagram username!

If you’re a larger brand, like @nike for example, you can also use this as an opportunity to link to your other branded accounts, such as @nikewomen. Once you’ve added any applicable usernames, you can add in hashtags too! 

By adding hashtags into your Instagram bio, profile visitors are able to click directly through to view the respective content, so this is a great opportunity to share your brand hashtag.

3. Followers Count is a big turning factor for your audience

Having a good number of followers can help you a lot in turning people to follow you because they feel that you are popular and people like you or your brand. 

Having 10K+ followers also enable SWIPE UP feature in Instagram Story which can increase traffic towards your website as well. 

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4. Make it Simple for Profile Visitors to Contact You by Switching to an Instagram Business Profile

If you want your Instagram profile to be a one-stop-shop for new visitors, you’ll want to make it easy for them to contact you or find your location! 

One of the best ways to do that is to switch to an Instagram business profile. 

In addition to creating promoted posts and ads, adding links to Instagram Stories, and having access to Instagram’s built-in analytics, switching to an Instagram business profile also gives you the ability to add key contact information directly to your Instagram bio! 

Once these are set up, a profile visitor can easily click on any of these links in your Instagram bio and reach out to you directly via email or a phone call, or be given directions to your location.

5. Share Your Best Instagram Stories as Highlights On Your Instagram Bio

One of the biggest and most exciting recent additions to Instagram bios is Instagram Stories Highlights! 

Instagram Stories Highlights are permanent collections of your very best Instagram Stories that you can pin to the front of your Instagram profile. 

They appear directly under your Instagram bio and play as a stand-alone story when someone taps on them. 

You can think of Instagram Stories Highlights like a movie trailer for your Instagram feed, and they’re the perfect way to share the very best parts of your brand with new profile visitors.  

If you’re an online clothing store, you probably have a different page on your brand’s website for tops, bottoms, dresses, accessories, and so on. 

You can use these same “pages” on your website as inspiration for what categories you want to create with your Instagram Stories Highlights!   

As you can see, your Instagram bio is an extremely important part of attracting your ideal audience, driving more traffic to your products and services, and making more sales! 

And with so many more tools available, it’s the perfect time to revisit your current Instagram bio and ensure you’re making an amazing first impression with every new visitor.

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