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How makeup artist should improve their business during covid-19

Many things have changed since the corona virus outbreak. It will take few months for business like salon and Makeup Artist services to get back to normal.

This is not the end, but beginning of new marketing efforts. We need to find smart ways to promote and improve presence online.

We have figured out 6 ways, how you can improve and strengthen your makeup artist business during COVID-19 pandemic and reach out to bigger audience than ever before.

1. Having a Website

Website designing for makeup artist

With so many countries in lock down ,online usage has increased by 25-30%, and the way we search online also has changed.

This is the best time when one could have their own professional website. It not only helps you in listing all your services, portfolio and testimonials but also increases your reach to target audience.

Users trust a business more when they have their own professional website. Search Queries like “Safe & sanitized salon near me”, “Makeup artists which use hygiene measures near me” etc are going to be trending.

It is necessary that you list out the way you are going to operate and reopen your service. What are the Safety and hygiene measures you would be using.

In this times you will have to maintain social distances and would try to avoid overcrowding at your salon or studio. Having a website can help you in accepting appointments and send your customers regular updates on their email or phone about your schedule and timings.

Already have a Website?


2. Focus on SEO and Website Design

Having just a website never works unless it is being visited by your target audience. Gone are the days of old website design and slow loading web pages made on old themes.

You must be having a number of competitors who have a faster and more beautiful website (There are always those kind of competitors, and always will be!) This competition is only gonna build up with every passing year. But one thing that separates you from your competition is your efforts.

Having a good SEO helps you in getting lots of traffic organically from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. It helps in ranking your website for particular keywords that you have focused on. Fast and professionally made website decreases bounce rate and helps in converting the visitor into your client.

Once you start ranking even in first 10 position for your focused keyword, you will start getting queries automatically from users who are searching for those keywords, without a penny to spend on your marketing efforts.

3. Audit your Social Media Platforms:

Review your social media platform from Staiir Social Media Marketing (Small)

If you currently focusing on Instagram only, its time to be active on other popular social media platform where your target audience is there like Facebook, Snapchat, Tik-Tok, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest.

Your reach will be more if you leave more digital footprints.

Let us do a Free Social Media Audit for you, we will let you know points which are strong and areas where you need to improve more.

It is very much important that your profile looks trendy and have a theme attached to it, so that user can remember your brand image, logo, color schemes, font etc in their subconscious mind.

Self question about the quality of posts you upload. Is it giving out a long lasting impression ? Is it somewhat near or better than your competitors?

Graphic Designing plays a very important role in social media. First impression is the last impression, and same goes with your profile. Users tend to follow profile who are visually attractive.

4. Engage With Your Audience

Makeup artist Increase your engagement rate during covi-19 pandemic

People around the whole world are more active on social media as well as are staying online for long hours because obviously there is nothing else to do sitting at home. 

So, as an makeup artist you can use this as a great opportunity for yourself and engage with your current followers as well as target audience and increase your reach among the people.

Engagement plays a vital role in social media, as it helps in increasing reach, profile visits and new organic followers.

And most important, your followers will not forget about you, by engaging with them you will be remembered in their minds as their favorite makeup artist during COVID-19.

We offer AI Based Instagram Automation service which interacts with your target audience whole day for as many months you wish.

You get real and organic followers, increased reach and increase in engagement rate by users who will actually be interested in your business. Get 3 day trial now.

5. Encourage Reviews

Encourage Reviews on your makeup artist facebook

While it’s important to build trust, it is also important to take feedback from the community and clients.

A few five star reviews on your business page can amp up your credibility fast! and help you in search engines as well.

Encourage your clients to leave reviews on your Facebook page and Google My Business. If you have completed some makeup course your professional title as a makeup artist shows clients that you are trained and experienced.

Don’t be afraid to list your education on social media—it will speak to your hard work and skill level!

Keep in mind that not every review will be raving about your amazing makeup artistry skills. If you happen to get a customer who was unsatisfied, try to settle it offline in a professional manner!


6. Be Consistent with Posting

Even though you are not getting any new clients an an makeup artist due to COVID-19 pandemic, find out your old portfolio and keep posting those. 

We have planned out 120+ days of content content calendar kit, specially for makeup artists and beauty industry. 

Download it today to fire up your engagement on social media platforms.

You might be having a happening social life, but that needs to be kept away from the business. So all those party snaps should stay limited to your personal page. When you want your account to represent you and your work-you want it to be the best. No less than that.

If your intended purpose is to gain clients and have a place to reference your work, your page should be just that.

If people want to see makeup posts, give them makeup posts! That’s the first reason that they’re following you. 

Although you should keep your page strictly about makeup, there is no harm in having some fun! You can have some snippets about your office fun or some event you attended related to makeup or any relatable beauty quote. 

These are just a few tips on how to use social media in the best way possible for your career! Remember to post quality photos, even if you just have your iPhone or a basic android. 

You can always find good lighting and angles to make it as flattering as possible. Don’t be afraid to show your personality and have fun!

Also, stay safe and stay home. We all will fight and get through this together. 

We are working with makeup artists and salon owners helping them by setting up their professional website and improving their social media presence.

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