Staiir Social Media Marketing

It is well known that when it comes to Instagram marketing strategies, automation is by far one of the best options to grow an audience organically. This is what makes Instagram such a powerful marketing tool when used properly.


Here are tips for clients to maximize your growth when using automation.

Choose photos wisely.

Use photos that reflect your product, service or business This means limiting your posts to photos of products, promos, sales and discount info, Beyond the scenes posts, or shout-outs to loyal or celebrity customers. Be creative with what and how you post, but keep it all things business. If you are an avid IG user, it is best to keep a separate personal account where you can make unrelated posts.


Post on a schedule

Regular activity on your feed is the secret to having a loyal following as you are building your brand. People easily lose interest with inactivity. Avoid having a stale gallery by updating your feed once or twice every week.


Post Stories everyday

People love to follow active accounts, keep at least 1 story active everyday.


Keep it light and breezy.

Posts should be positive images put your product in the best light. Photos that are positive and light tend to get more likes and followers and are essential for creating a gallery that offers a positive, light and breezy influence.


Make hashtags your friend.

The one thing to remember with hashtags is that they must be relevant. Think of what people would type if they were looking for your photo, or what comes to mind when one is looking at the photo. Add these tags to brand or product-specific hashtags to make it easier for people to find your account. A great tip would be to include the hashtag in the description itself to increase visibility.


Be patient, especially at the beginning

When you pay for an Instagram growth service or take 4 Days demo, you want to see fast results! But let’s make it clear: Our mission is to get you real followers. This means there is no cheat or fake followers that can top up your followers’ number immediately. Using our targeting and filtering features, you are selecting the exact audience that you make sense for your account. So be patient to be accepted by your targeted audience.

Real people are not always on their smartphone, true followers will follow you if they really appreciate your content. Speed gradually increases over the period of time. Max speed generally comes in 2nd month. This is a slow and effective growth.


Share your social media goals with your Account manager

If you have any goals to achieve, or if you want your profile to become popular as much as your competitors, discuss them with your account manager. And we would be happy to help you in achieving them.


Avoid doing activity which our automation is already doing

Based on your plan selection, avoid doing activities which server is already doing. Instagram has a limit and algorithm to track all activities. We do it in safest way possible to get maximum results. You can scroll, reply, search, post etc normally as you do.


Post a contest or a Giveaway (optional)

Have you ever thought about hosting an Instagram giveaway? Maybe to celebrate hitting your first 1,000 followers or in attempts to grow your followers? Both are perfect reasons to host an Instagram giveaway, but you have to make sure you do it right! Read Here: How to do an Instagram Giveaway


Instagram is a useful and incredibly effective tool for any business. Whether you are a creative with your own small business or a local mom-and-pop enterprise looking to update your marketing with a new and modern twist, Instagram can be that vehicle. Take full advantage over this medium starting with the tips above.