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6 Instagram Metrics To Help You Get More Followers and Engagement

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With regards to developing your business on Instagram, learning how to understand your Instagram metrics is the best place to start. But what Instagram metrics should you calculate and measure? It’s easy to get overwhelmed when looking at your analytics, so in this blog post we’re breaking down the best 6 Instagram metrics that will help you grow your account (and your business)!

#1 Measure Your Engagement Rate to Learn How Your Content is Performing

In order to calculate your Instagram metrics and analytics, you’ll need to turn to an Instagram business profile to get access to Instagram Insights inside the app. With regards to picking which Instagram measurements to follow, your engagement rate is the first place to begin. Since all of your followers won’t see or draw in with each and every Instagram post, your engagement causes you to know what number of your followers are effectively interacting with your posts on Instagram. Instagram itself does not calculate engagement rate for you, but you can calculate your reach and total likes/comments/saves by going through “view insights”: Source Engagement = (likes + comments) / followers. For correct engagement rate, you can divide likes + comments by the reach number instead of followers. By utilizing your reach numbers you’re getting a more exact proof because it’s divided by the true number of how many users view your post, instead of your total follower number (where numerous most likely didn’t see your post).

#2 Optimize Your Instagram Hashtag Strategy By Tracking Discovery Metrics 

The Discovery area in your Instagram Insights is a goldmine with regards to knowing where your audience originated from and how they discovered your post. To discover the Discovery measurements for your posts, go to your profile page and tap the picture you’d prefer to see measurements for. From here, tap the ‘View Insights’ button below your post, and a small information section will appear on the bottom of your app: Source Next, swipe up from the toolbar to find more options divided into two categories: Discovery & Interactions. Let’s target in on the Discovery metrics, as these metrics will show you how many users saw your post, and how they found it. First, it’s good to know the difference between Reach and Impressions; Impressions: This is the total number of times your post has been seen. This metrics consist of audience scrolling by in their timeline, clicking through to your  profile to view a post, or seeing content directly through an Instagram Direct Message. Reach: Like Impressions, Reach also relates to the number of views your posts get. But rather than calculate it by total eyes on your content, it narrows it down to unique views only. So, for example, if one of your followers opens your profile and looks at your posts several times that day, that follower will only be counted once in your Reach results. Below Impressions, you can see the total number of views with the details of how the user got to know about your post. The best Instagram metric to focus on here is the ‘From hashtags’ metric. This number lets you know whether your hashtag strategy is working and individuals are finding your post through the hashtags they follow or look for in the Explore page! Source

#3 Know When People Stop Watching Your Stories 

If you have business on Instagram, then you should be there using Instagram Stories! Why? Since it’s the ideal stage to flaunt your image’s character, off-camera activity and contact your followers on an individual and fun level In case you’re a prepared stories snapper, you’ll need to begin investigating your Instagram Stories measurements. The Next Story metric is the number of individuals who have swiped past or tapped to the following Instagram record’s accounts, and it can disclose to you a great deal about your audience’s advantage (or deficiency in that department) in your accounts. Let’s start with finding your Next Stories metrics. From your Instagram profile, tap your profile photo to see your live stories. Then just swipe up for all the insights on your story: Having high Next Story metrics in the middle or beginning of your Instagram Stories tells you that viewers weren’t engaged with your content, and wanted to skip your content in favour of someone else’s. You can use the Next Story metrics to gauge how interested your followers are in your Instagram Stories content, or to understand what types of content your followers love or hate.

#4 Know How Many New People You’re Reaching

As we’ve touched on earlier in this post, Reach is the number of unique accounts that have seen your post, while Impressions is the total number of times that your post has been seen. Your Reach metrics are one of the best Instagram metrics to track if you want to grow your account because it tells you if you’re reaching new audiences outside of your existing followers. You can track your overall reach by week and day in Instagram Insights within your app, and you’ll find it under the “Discovery” tab: We at Staiir Social Media Marketing help our customers to get maximum reach on Instagram using our Instagram  Automation Service Auto-Follow | Follow-Back | Unfollow | Auto-Like | Auto-Comment | Auto Reply to New Messages | Direct Messages to Users | Posts Scheduling | Like Comments With our automation services you can reach over 100,000 new Instagram users each month. Its a game changer. 3 Days FREE TRIAL

#5 Use Your Average Percentage Watched Rates to Create Killer IGTV Videos

If you’ve ever wondered if your audience is watching your IGTV videos from start to finish, you need to check out your Average Percentage Watched rate! This is the percentage of your videos that people watched, and is calculated as the percentage of your video watched as an average of all plays Best Instagram Metrics: IGTV AWR In this example, you can see that 31% of our video was watched, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the first 31% of the video, as users can tap forward through the video to skip ahead or watch snippets of the video. There are a lot of reasons why a viewer might skip past your video: they may not be interested in the topic of your video, they could have run out of time and decided to leave the app, or maybe the got the information they wanted at the beginning of your video. Next time you film and edit a video for IGTV, try to include an introduction to let your viewers know from the get-go what your video will be about. You can likewise try different things with your video length to assist you with deciding the sweet spot for your audience and begin constructing your content around that!

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