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5 Ways to Strengthen Your Business During COVID-19 Pandemic

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Business During COVID-19 Pandemic COVID-19 Pandemic

All business during COVID-19 currently have one burning question: how do I market during COVID-19 pandemic?

Many brands are struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and are slashing their marketing budgets as a result of the Corona virus pandemic, but is that really the answer?

Are SALES the only part determining success of a business during COVID-19 pandemic and in the time of complete lock-down ? No, at this time business owners should focus on many things which is not related to sales but to improve their brand identity and online presence. Below are few ways which can help you in improving your brand identity.

1. Review your Social Media Platforms:

Review your Social Media Platforms COVID-19 Pandemic

Be consistent on all social media platforms:

If you are posting only on Instagram and Facebook, and not on other platforms, you might be losing reach. Make sure that you remain active and post on other platforms  like Twitter, Linkedin, Google My Business, Pinterest, Youtube etc.  Increase your digital footprint by posting around the web as much as possible.  

If you are in a business, you are in the business of visual design: 

Question yourself about the quality of posts and content that you upload. Is it attractive? Will it make First and lasting impression on the viewer. The first time a user engage with your brand in any way will establish the image for the rest of your business relationship. Graphic design communicates more than just words to your audience. Even simple visual component like font family and color palette can assist with depicting a feeling that supports your thoughts.  

Engage with your Followers and users interested in your niche: 

Social media will become more powerful in the days to come. As people are confined to their homes due to COVID-19 pandemic and lock-downs, many will turn to the digital space to collect information and keep themselves busy. Interacting with your audience is also a form of engagement. Which is why it is essential for you to make a commitment to respond and answer their queries. This will later expand their devotion towards you and soon enough, they’ll begin referring their friends and family to your brand. Its pretty obvious that you can’t engage with your audience all the time on Instagram, try our Instagram Automation service to get amazing exposure.  

2. Review your Website

Review your Website COVID-19 Pandemic

In the present promoting scene, your site has become a more useful asset than any time in recent memory. Your site is an every minute of every day sales rep, and in that capacity, it can possibly be your most remarkable resource and the focal point of your promoting endeavors.

Don’t have website?

If you don’t have a website for your business, this is the best time to have one. Business owners around the world are finding ways to take their business during covid-19 online. Having a good website can help you in reaching to your potential customers and it looks professionals. 

Do you sell products? Cut the middle man, maintain zero contact rule and sell directly to your consumers from your own E-Commerce website. Let us help you in getting an affordable website for you.


Use white space.

White Spaces around content and titles expands client consideration by 30%. Blank area can likewise cause your site to feel open, new and present day and in the event that your marking is reliable with these, at that point it can assist you with conveying that feeling to the client.


Optimize your page speed and improve SEO:

One of the most disappointing encounters for clients of the web is trusting that a page will load for a really long time. Site speed is a positioning variable and a considerably bigger positioning element for search engine optimization. A user remains on a site longer if the site speed is quicker and they likewise convert better and bounce less. Consequently, Google has made it a positioning component for ranking.


Use attractive calls to action.

Your viewers are already disciplined to following visual hints to find out which content is meaningful to them. “Calls to actions” that are plainly set apart with an activity word empower your site clients to all the more effectively explore your site and get precisely what they need in the area they hope to discover it.


Online Chat Tool

Integrate an live chat tool so that viewers and visitors  have a way to get their queries quickly answered.


Email Automation:

As a preferred personal communication platform, automated email email fills in as an augmentation of your image. It gives you the opportunity to strengthen the connection between you and your customers by communicating thoughts or by sharing timely updates about features they haven’t used yet. You can also automate emails updating about your business during COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown

As it also drives user engagement, customers are much more likely to open, read, and take action with an automated email. Discuss today with us, how to automate your emails.

3. Maintain and improve your customer relationships

Maintain and improve your customer relationships COVID-19 Pandemic

Don’t despair about the current craziness in the world. Consider this an opportunity to grow your business with your current customers. Here are some tips on how to achieve this:



As opposed to simply educating clients concerning your business, have discussions with them. Find what your customers need, by then offer them that you have a response for their concern.


Online FAQs

Develop easy, time-saving online FAQs for customers. There may have been changes in your operations due to COVID-19 pandemic  and lock-downs. You can mention them on website and other channels.


Be Responsive

Be responsive to all clients, paying little mind to the channel they pick (since they have to feel esteemed and trust you to convey on your

Professional Invoicing:

Creating, maintaining, and sending all your invoices online to your client is easy and simple. You can use Refrens to create invoicing

Create Beautifully Designed Invoice with Free Invoice Generator.

Unlimited Invoices. Download, Print, Email Invoice.


4. Tell Your Stories

Tell Your Stories

It is important for any business to tell their story. Whether you’re a solopreneur selling homemade jewelry on Etsy or part of multi-million dollar e-commerce operation, your business has a story to tell. Stories produce trust. But not just any story will do. You should recount to a story that has the correct highlights — highlights that produce effective neural coupling, in addition to those which display honesty building stories.

The story should be simple.

Despite the fact that the portrayal of the organization’s root takes up a couple thousand words, it is theoretically direct:

  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Success

That’s it. If we try to pack more undulation into the story, we tend to lose the momentum that is integral to its success.  

The story must connect with your customers.

A story isn’t generally about your organization. Your organization is the develop, yet the objective of the story is to make a bonding with your clients. Recount to your story so that it advises your clients we identify with you, we get you, we resemble you. Scarcely any things can impart that degree of commitment like a story can.

5. Outsource Digital & Social Media Marketing and Management 

Outsource Digital & Social Media Marketing and Management

With the level of technical expertise needed, no one can do it all, nor is it prudent to burden your internal resources on digital management, tracking and optimization – instead choose a partner to take on this role can be cost-effective and provide the flexibility you need to grow.

We at Staiir can easily step into the role, to reduce your go-to-market timeframe and keep your overhead costs down


If you are seeking ways to bloom your business during COVID-19 pandemic, we would be happy to discuss your best opportunities to lower costs and improve your marketing efficiency.


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Harshil is founder of Staiir Social Media Marketing agency. He started his career as a software engineer in 2014 and moved to digital marketing to help small & mid sized businesses grow.
Find him on Twitter @harshil240.