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Thousand of targeted followers mentioned in your instagram post.

We provide the perfect targeted Instagram marketing technique by delivering your ideal audience to your post! 

Buying Instagram mentions is by far the most effective Instagram tool to get instant and targeted attention to your Business/Profile!

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What is instagram Mention Service

Instagram Mentions is when you tag a user in your post using the @ symbol. An example would be something like @yourbff. This alerts the tagged person with a notification letting them know they should take a look at your post. Learn more on Official Instagram Website


INR 390/- ($6)


INR 790/- ($12)


INR 1200/- ($18)


A few questions in your mind :

Why would someone want to buy Mentions ?

Buying mentions is the process of basically comment tagging your post with hundreds to thousands of users, notifying them to come take a look at your post.

What is the purpose of using Mentions?

The point of using this marketing technique is to attract new followers to your post. Not only will you get Likes but possibly new followers.

Is it safe for my account?

Yes, its 100% safe.

Why buy Instagram Mentions?

It will help you gain reputation really fast, this method have been used by top celebrities & is 100% proven to get you niche targeted Instagram followers & engagement. The better your content is, the more results you will get from buying our exclusive Instagram Mentions service.

How are Marketers using Mentions?

Internet Marketers are targeting Instagram Followers to a post to achieve a few things.
1. To gain new targeted followers
2. To gain likes on your post
3. To get users to click your URL link in your profile.
4. To send users to their CPA offers.