Stay Ahead Of The Competition With These Social Media Strategies

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Gone are the days of running commercials and watching your sales explode. Gone are the days where you’d be excited about investing in a radio advertisement.

After the discovery of Internet, times have changed a lot. Things have become more ‘digital‘.

Social media has made communication a lot easier. This, of course, sparked many brilliant ideas in the minds of marketing experts.

The end result?

Thousands of businesses are now marketing on several digital platforms, enjoying a profitable ROI. However, the competition is slowly increasing day by day making it harder and expensive for entrepreneurs to promote their brand online.

Thus, it was only logical for the Staiir Social Media Marketing team to compile a list of successful strategies you can implement on social media, starting today.

Let’s start right away.

 1. Invest In The Right Tools

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Posting content online can be a hectic and tedious task. Before, you’d have to hire someone to manage and schedule your posts. But with our Automation Services you really do not have to bother.

To make it easy for you to understand, we decided to divide the type of tools into 4 different sections.

A) Project Management Tools:

When dealing with online projects, a lot of communication takes place between your team. You have to exchange several files, spreadsheets, documents, etc. Transfer of such files can be very tedious and time-consuming.

Project management software serves as a solution to make the whole process much smoother and easier. Software like Google Docs, Microsoft Onenote, and Trello, all serve as examples of useful project management tools.

These tools make it very easy for you to collaborate, discuss, and share almost anything with your team.

B) Attraction Tools:

These tools help you attract customers from social media, your current following, and other mediums. Examples include;

  • Email Marketing Software

    There are many good email marketing software out there. A good example could be MailChimp. These products help you design and schedule emails directed to your mailing list.

  • Social Media Automation Software

    Service likes Instagram Automation comes into play here. With the help of these tools, you no longer have to spend hours on social media for content marketing. This post explains how you can use our service for social media automation.

    We offer a 3-day free trial, just so you can get a feel of how the service works. If you aren’t already using it, we highly suggest giving it a shot.

  • Graphic Design Software

    As the name suggests, this type of software helps you design attractive graphic for the multimedia you use. Examples include Canva, Animoto, Adobe Photoshop etc.

C)Analytics Tools:

You may already be familiar with these. They include Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Hotjar etc. There are multiple options out there to analyze the traffic dynamics on your website. We advise on choosing the one best suitable for your business.

2. Learn From Other Companies

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If you own a small or a mid-sized business, you may not have an adequate amount of resources and time to pull out great content. The best step you can take then is to watch other companies, both inside and outside your industry.

You can do so by creating Twitter lists or using the ‘Facebook pages to watch’ tool. Set up a list of brands that you think to post great content on a consistent basis. Once you have a list of great brands or influencers in your industry, check back once in a while on the type of content they are posting. Are they using text-only updates? What subjects and topics are they using?

Having a deep deep understanding of the trends and whats working in your industry will do wonders for your social media content. In addition to that, watching others within your industry will spark many ideas in your mind. So, from now on, make sure to create a list of great brands in your industry and follow them on a weekly basis.

3. Remember That Engagement Drives Growth.

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Whether you have a company of a hundred or just one. Engagement on social media is one of the most important factors determining the growth of your customer base over time.

Interacting with your audience is also a form of engagement. Which is why it is essential for you to make a commitment to respond and answer their queries. This will later increase their loyalty towards you and soon enough, they’ll start referring their friends and family to your brand.

Its pretty obvious that you can't engage with your audience all the time on Instagram, This is where we come in.

Our Automation tool based on AI will automate liking, following, un-following, commenting, messaging just like a human being would to target audience. We schedule these activities in such a way that it doesn't look like bot. We offer cheapest price (Guaranteed) in market.

Want to try it for free?


4. Don’t Be The Jack Of All Trades

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Before you start marketing on social media, it is important you decide on your brands’ identity. Being all things, to all people, across all social media networks is just simply unsustainable.

On the other hand, sharing a clear, specific and a concise topic that you are passionate about, will help drive a more niche-related audience. That audience will interact with your content on a much higher level.

Being specific will also give your target audience a reason to visit you multiple times.


Think about it. If the traffic comes to your social media profile without having any idea of what they’ll see, the chances of them re-visiting your profile in the future, are very slim.

However, if they know before-hand what to expect, the chances of them re-visiting your profile for that specific topic later will certainly increase.

Not being specific is like starting a business and trying to sell your product to every single person out there. It just doesn’t work. But if you start in a niche industry and you sell a very specific product to a very specific user, that product has a much greater chance of success.

In conclusion, focus on a very specific topic.

Social media marketing can be one of the most profitable ways of marketing your businesses. If you use these strategies in conjunction with quality work at hand, great results most certainly await you.

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